Auto Trading Signal Provider

We are a team of professionals (mastered IT and Finance experts) offering to our customers, our more than 10 years of experience, trading skills and expertise.

Between 1996-2003, we traded on stock markets and consulted big companies. After that a new era began for us and we focused on forex markets with great enthousiasm, till now.
We expand our team with professionals and developed ourselves to create the best.

Together with the latest technologies in mathematical forex modelling algorythm and cutting-edge technologies, we developed a new kind of forex system called “Urt7 System”.

“Urt7 System” is a revolutionary tool for Forex trading since it offers an alternative to traditional forex signal providers, mirror trading and forex managed accounts.

Using “Urt7 system”, we, Beyond Forex Signals provide reliable and honest service to our clients by simplifying the investment process in the financial market.
Our autotrading system is uniquely designed to deliver our real account trades directly to your MT4 accounts hands-free.

Net 8-14 % equity growth every single month

If you can not get at least 8 % equity growth in the first month, we refund your Money back according to our money return policy.

MyFxBook Real live account verification

We are trading on Real live account , not demo.

If you ask “Where is the proof that this works?” you can click on our MyFxBook link and check our live trades. Click for the results that speak for themselves.

When we trade, you trade with us automatically via Trade Copier.

Full Autotrading with a Trade Copier

After you bought our service, we will ask you to send us your MT4 account’s number. Upon getting your info we will send you a “Trade Copier program” with credentials and an user manual.

You will follow our instructions and start trading. That’s all…

All you need is an internet connection and a PC. Better a VPS where your MT4 account is hosted…

30 days free trial

Our full service is FREE during first 30 days…                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER USING “Contact Us” PAGE.                                                                                                                                                                   WE WILL IMMEDIATELY SEND YOU THE “Beyond Fx Trade Copier” WITH PASS FOR YOUR TRIAL.
You can use our signals directly on your live account. No need to try them on demo…
We have full confidence what we are providing to our customers…
If you are satisfied with our results, you may start your membership…

60 days Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our results nor happy with our service, we will refund your Money back with no question.