Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Beyond Forex Signals”?

“Beyond Forex Signals” is a service that indicates as to when it is a good time to buy or sell on the foreign exchange market.

How does “Beyond Forex Signals” work?

“Beyond Forex Signals”  provides users with signals that recommend the timing of currency trades. These signals which are identified by our team associated with a sophisticated set of computer algorithms, are directly transferred to your MT4 trading platform via special “Trade Copier” from our server. So your account can earn money safely when you sleep. You do not waste your time by waiting signals sent by SMS, email nor spend your time in “Member’s area”.

How are “Beyond Forex Signals” signals generated?

Our team is using the sophisticated financial models and advanced computer software in order to analyze the market movements to determine the best time to buy or sell currency pair. We call this mathematical model which is focused on predicting pivot points for the selected currency as “Urt7system”.

How often are the Signals generated?

“Beyond Forex Signals” can generate signals anytime in the day or night free from emotions when market is ready to best buy or sell at predicted pivot points. It’s an automated system which is independant from human behaviour and emotions. Besides a special “Trade Copier” transfers these signals directly to your MT4 account.

How much Money can I earn in a month with “Beyond Forex Signals”?

You can earn 8-14% of your account every month. But you have to strictly obey to our marjin requirements. This means your US$ 500 account can earn you US$ 40-70 every single month, some months US$ 100.

How much money do I need to use “Beyond Forex Signals” successfully?

You will need at least US$500 to start. This means your account’s equity must be minimum US$500.

As we indicated before you have to pay attention and obey our marjin requirements’ advise, if you want consistent profit.

For an US$ 500 account , your lot size must be 0.01(standart)

If your account is US$ 3.000, you can increase your lot size to 0.06.

Each US$500 will earn you around US$ 40-70 around every month regularly.

But please be safe and confident since our Trade Copier does all these settings and lot adjustments, Money management automatically.

I want to try your system. You have a trial?

Yes, first 30 days are FREE. You can try our signals and our system on demo or live. After that you will be subscribed and billed monthly if you want.

How does “Beyond Forex Signals” compare to other signal systems?

“Beyond Forex Signals”  is a fully automated service. It does not require you to do any of the market analysis nor metatrader platform jobs manually.

Our “trade copier” carry our trades directly to your account.

Besides we take the responsability by declaring our commitments about profiting.

How can I be sure that your words are true?

You can see our live trading results at “”.

Please Click here to watch live trading results. Then click on Trading activity>History.

You can also evaluate our results during 30 days trial period yourself on a demo account. After that if you’re fully satisfied about our service, you can subscribe.

What does it cost to use “Beyond Forex Signals” signals service?

“Beyond Forex Signals” signal service is a subscription service. Beyond the stated membership fees there are no fees to be paid in order to use the service. Users are invited to try the full-featured service for an initial 30 days period for FREE. After the trial period has ended, the monthly membership is US$119.90. This cost does not include money for trading or brokerage services. Premium Package” monthly membership is US$199.90.

What is the difference between Optimum Package and Premium Package?

If you subscribed to Optimum package, we strongly recommend you to use a VPS. As we perform mostly scalping style trade, if you do not use VPS server some delays may ocur due to your internet connection speed and your profits may decrease.

Sometimes even if you use a VPS server for your MT4 platform, some miliseconds delays may still occur due to your server location and CPU capacity.

So in order to avoid these delays we offer you a special VPS service in “Premium Package”.

We host your live account’s MT4 platform in our secure servers where our master account run. Doing this we avoid delays occuring since your live account and our live account are in the same server.

You do not have to keep your PC open nor worrying about your internet connection or your VPS’s CPU load.

You can only open your PC sometimes for monitoring purposes of your growing profits.

Will you really give me my money back, if the program doesn't work?

Yes. Our official return policy is as follows:
We will, at our option, refund your money back within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 30 days all sales are final.

But this return policy do not cover losses caused by your excessive lot sizes applied other than our advises on marjin requirements.

Am I able to cancel my membership at anytime?

Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the end of the current membership period in order to prevent billing for the following month.

Can I use “Beyond Forex Signals” service anywhere in the world?

Yes, all you need is a computer with an internet connection.

You have to keep your computer always on. We recommend you to subscribe to a VPS server. Better choose and subscribe to our Premium Package.

What happens when I purchase “Beyond Forex Signals” service?

After you make the purchase, you will be invited to let us know your MT4 account number. We will send you the password together with the Trade Copier program and its manual. You will install the program and fill the password and make some simple settings on Trade Copier. You will then be able to receive signals online. That’s all.

Do I need a special skills to use “Beyond Forex Signals”?

No. It only requires basic computer skills and a sound understanding of the English language.

Which currencies do you provide signals for?

We mostly trade GBP/NZD currency. Sometimes GBP/AUD. These are the most sophisticated currencies which requires deep knowledge that other signal providers don’t have

Our difference is that we use more sophisticated mathematics, including neural networks and genetic algorithms, and takes into account a greater number of parameters that other signal providers could not.

Is the system automated by?

Yes. The system makes all trades automatically by a “Trade copier”.  But the main decisions about which kind of trade should perform, still performing by our FX Masters.  It does not require the user to think about whether or not a trade should be made. Another words, “Trade copier” copies our live account trades directly to your account.

Am I able to close a trade if I am making a profit?

While the user can close a trade at any time, it is recommended that they trade at the closing time indicated by the signal. Closing a position early might lead the user to miss out on greater profit opportunities that occur after the position has been closed.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. It is not necessary to register with PayPal in order to make a payment. When you get to the payments area you will have option of logging in to PayPal or paying by credit or debit card.

PayPal is not available in my country. How can I pay?

If PayPal is not available in your country you will need to pay with a credit or debit card

Can I pay by Western Union, Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer), Money Order, Liberty Reserve, or cash?

No. These payment methods are not available. Apologies for any inconvenience causes.

Can I use “Beyond Forex Signals” with my existing Forex broker account?

Definitely! Beyond Forex Signals can be used with any Forex trading platform.

Is Beyond Forex Signals a trading platform?

No we are not. Beyond Forex Signals provides signals that help traders make proper Forex trading decisions. For this reason you will need to have a Forex brokerage account with another company . A detailed overview of the brokerage options available to you if requested. Opening a Forex account is very simple, inexpensive and only takes a few minutes.