How it Works?

Installing and using our “Trade Copier” is very simple. All of our live trades will be taken from our master account and will be directly copied to your personal account in less than 1 second. All you need is a live or demo account with any broker.

After the subscrition, we will ask you to send us your MT4 account’s  number. (After the transaction you will get a detailed manual about “how to do it?” )

We will add your MT4 account number to our master account running on our secure server.

You will install and set this slave trade copier into your Mt4 account according to our instructions. And run. That’s all…


Then we will send you the slave copy of the Trade copier in order to connect our master account directly to your account via “Trade Copier”.

What do you need in order to run our “Trade Copier”?

  1. You need a broker of your choice (Your preferred broker should allow 0.01 standart lots)
  2. You have to use the MT4 platform
  3. You will need to have your computer running at all times. If you can’t keep your computer running 24/7, we recommend a VPS server service

You will receive an user manual together with your login credentials after the subscription. You can install and set the the trade copier into your account within one minute. It does not take a long time.

Why use our “Trade Copier” service ?

  • You have the opportunity to copy trades from our live account directly to your account
  •  Remove the psychological factors that may affect your trading judgment or your trading ability
  •  You do not have to spend hours studying all the different complexities associated with the forex market
  •  All trades are copied within a 0.5-1 second time scale in all market conditions
  • Your account can have any account balance you choose
  • Compatible with all windows operating system versions
  •  Installation and setup is quick and easy using our installation wizard
  •  Earn significant profits with low risk.

Advantages of our trade copier system:

Our “Trade copier “ will deliver our trades directly to your account.

You have to keep your PC open 24/5.

We better advise you to keep your account in a VPS server

No need to be confused with complex copier and server setups. Our settings are so simple.

We will apply only 0.01 lot during the “Trial period” of first 30 days which are FREE. So you will be convinced about our risk free and no stress trading system.

If you use a VPS server, you can always open and close your pc for monitoring purposes only. We advise you not to touch anything nor open/close trades because that will harm our trading system.

We have to inform you that we apply 0.01 lot (standart) for each US$ 500 of your account. So you will get at least US$ 50 every month with that US$ 500 equity. (This means if your equity is US$ 2.500, you will earn at least US$ 250 monthly.)

Premium Package Membership Advantages

If you buy Premium Package, you will not need a VPS server..

We will setup and open your MT4 account on our secure server.

Our Trading Desk will establish the proper lot size according to “your account’s balance/equity ratio”. Then we start trading. Our team will monitor, adjust and manage your MT4 account all in real time.

Since your account secured on our server, you do not have to pay additional VPS server fees (US$ 70) monthly.

You do not have to keep your PC open nor to do anything at all.

No need to be confused with complex copier and server setups.

You can always open and close your pc and your MT4 platform for monitoring purposes only.

If you subscribed to Premium membership your earnings will be higher accordingly.

There will be no delay during trade session caused by your broker nor delay occured due to the internet connection problems.

Our Risk Management Suggestion

For best results, with highest safety and optimum profit we suggest using 0.01 standart lots (10 cents) every $500 of your account balance.
E.g. for a $10,000 account balance, we suggest using a lot size of 0.20 per trade.

We do so on behalf of you !